Monday, January 7, 2013

Adele's Big Day

Yesterday was Adele's first day in Primary.  She has been SO excited.  She has been practicing being reverent and raising her hand.  She is the only one in her class right now and her teacher is a sweet old lady that just adores her. 
Yesterday was also Testimony meeting.  (the first Sunday of every month people have a chance to go up and talk about what they believe).  Our rule for our kids has always been if you are big enough to do it on your own and you want to you can. 
Spencer decided he wanted to.  He asked Tyler to walk up with him. So he did.  When Spencer went up he stood there, then slowly sunk down and walked back to where I was sitting.  He was embarrassed because everyone laughed when he sunk down (it was so cute), so he was crying.  But I was proud of him for going up and for wanting to.
Adele had followed him up.  She walked up to the pulpit and just started talking.  She talked about the gospel being true and loving Jesus and Heavenly Father.  At one point Tyler came over to her and she turned and said "I am not done yet" and went on some more.  It was So Cute.

 Then she went to primary.  She was perfect.  She sat quietly.  She raised her hand.  She sang along with the other kids.  She looked back at me and said "Mom I was singing as loud as I could". 
It was so fun watching my big girl shine today.  She is really growing into the most fun little girl. She always says "we are the girls, we gotta stick together".  I like that idea!
And just for fun.  Here is one of Titus's new smiles!  Love him!


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Marianne Thayne said...

What a cute post! Please tell her I love her purple outfit. It is my favorite color. You better watch out for what might come--Ambur changed her name during one of her testimony bearing moments!