Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long 2012, Hello 2013

First allow me to reflect for a moment on 2012.  It did not go at all as I expected.  I recall writing that 2012 was going to be a calm year, we were wrong.  We moved, bought a practice, started new schools etc.  There was a lot of unexpected change. 
In hindsight it has all been for the best.  We miss friends and family but feel right about being here.  We are loving owning a practice.  There are challenges and stresses but they are worth it.  We finally have the practice we always wanted where we get to treat people right and our kids can stop by.  We feel very blessed by the way things have worked out.
Although 2012 was not what we expected it was a good year.  I will not be making any predictions for 2013, clearly things don't work out how I plan them, but they do work out. I have set some goals (more on that later) and I am looking forward to 2013.
We said farewell to 2012 with Dan, Heather and Ridge.  We started off with a root beer tasting.  It was pretty entertaining.  The kids really got into it.  Shouting about which were good and which were awful.  There was quite the variety.

 They were all scored and everyone had a favorite.
 We watched a movie and Heather made a balloon countdown game for the kids.  They got to pop a balloon every few minutes until the countdown (the kids countdown was early).
 The papers said things like take pictures....


 Read a book, brush teeth, wrestle.....it was really fun.  I think the kids all enjoyed their countdown party.
Once the kids were in bed we played some more games and watched the New Year roll in.
 Our first day of 2013 was spent playing with Dan and Heather's new puppy, eating and hanging out at Fort Flagler.
 It was a beautiful first day of the year.  But cold!
 Kids don't seem to mind the cold.  At least not while they are busy having fun. 
 The views around here are really breathtaking.  I don't think I'll ever get sick of them.
 The kids will never get sick of the sand and driftwood!

 Everyone had fun with Ranger.  Dan's new puppy. 
It was a great couple days.   Hopefully that's a sign of what the New Year will be like!  Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...


We love all the pictures, it looks like you all had a beautiful, fun holiday and New Year's celebration!! We hope you have a Wonderful, Happy Birthday!!! Have lots of fun.... Love, Alan & Debbie