Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Dad is gone....

Tyler left for a dental convention on Wednesday morning and should be returning any minute now.  He was able to see his parents (the conference was in Denver), get CE credits and meet up with some of his friends from dental school.  I don't begrudge him going at all.
I try and cherish the time I have just me and the kids.  We did a pretty good job of looking for the fun in our time without Tyler.  I am glad that for the most part we just had fun.  It's still just so much better when we are all together. 
Here are a few pics from when he was gone.  One night I had a meeting at the house (since I couldn't leave without taking all four with me) so Garret read stories.

 Spencer has a BINGO board from school.  It's all about reading.  Everyday he can fill in a square if he does what it says.  One day it said read with a stuffed animal, other days read with a friend, or read while wearing a hat, read while drinking milk....
 My Dad came up Saturday morning and helped me out with basketball games.  Titus sat surprisingly well for him.  And did a little project with them in the afternoon.  He stayed the night and was able to watch Adele sing in the sacrament meeting for the first time.  She was so cute!  It was really fun having Dad come and the kids loved having him around to play with.
 I threw them all in the tub one night for something fun.  I put bubbles in.  Which they love.  But then they turned the jets on when I didn't realize it.  There were bubbles EVERYWHERE.  They were loving it though (as long as I was willing to get the bubbles out of their eyes every couple minutes).

 By tonight the talk was all about Daddy coming home.  They won't see him until tomorrow but they were so excited.  They made a big sign that says WE LOVE DAD.  They put letters under his pillow.  They made a treat that says WE MISSED DAD and they even made up a dance/song thing. 
 I feel so blessed that we have such a great man in our lives.  Sadly there are too many homes where no one would notice or care if the Dad was gone.  That is not the case here.  When Tyler is gone, we do alright (I consider myself quite capable), but there is a void.  Like Spencer said when I asked what he missed he said "his big belly laugh" (that's what they call Tyler's laugh when he is really laughing).  It's just not the same without him. 

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