Thursday, February 14, 2013

I LOVE Tyler...

In lieu of the typical list of things I love about Tyler or a mushy love letter (all things I think are great by the way), I want to record one of the moments I first knew I was falling in love with Tyler.

We had been dating for a couple months (he was already madly in love by the way, ask him- he won't deny it), we decided to go to Utah to visit Salt Lake and see some of our Grandparent's down there.  We had a lovely weekend.  We went to Temple Square, went horse back riding, mini golfing and saw our Grandparents.  We stayed with my Grandpa and he was hilarious.  We stayed in different rooms (of course) but he kept trying to embarrass us (for example he showed us the shower and then said - but you have to shower one at a time, it was really strange and awkward and we love laughing about it).  I'm getting off subject...

So we had this great, fun weekend together.  One of our last stops before we drove back up to Rexburg was at Tyler's Grandma's house.  She wasn't there when we got there and so we sat on her porch and waited.  While we sat there Tyler was humming/singing a song under his breath.  I finally asked what song it was and it was one he wrote for me.  He braved up and sang it to me (he was nervous).  I loved it.  Tyler's Grandma got back and we visited.  At some point I mentioned how my Grandma had died.  I went on to talk about how much I loved her.  Tyler and his Grandma disappeared downstairs for a few minutes (she liked to send us back with a box of canned goods from her pantry).  We left.

Tyler had figured out how to get to the cemetery my Grandma was buried at.  His Grandma had given him flowers she had.  And he took me there.  We were running late and really didn't have time but he took me anyway.  Then when we got there it was so big.  But it all came back to me (I hadn't been there since the funeral years before) and I knew exactly where her grave was.  We walked up to it and I started bawling.  I don't cry in front of people easily, especially not people I am still getting to know.  But I cried.  All these emotions came that I didn't even know where there. And he was so kind.  He didn't make me feel embarrassed.  He didn't rush me away or try to get me to stop.  We just stood there together and then when the time was right he asked me all about her and he listened. 

The whole weekend (really our whole time together) had been great.  But it was that moment that I realized I was falling in love.  I realized that even though my plans were to be much older before I let myself fall for someone, maybe those plans were worth breaking, because how many guys are there out there that would be so kind and care so much?  It still took me a long time to accept all of this and to admit it to him, but I believe it was that moment that I knew Tyler was someone special. 

And now all these years later I can say he was what I saw in him then.  He truly is a kind and generous, good man.  I could not have asked for a better valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Tyler!


Rachel said...

This is so sweet! Love it!

Marianne Thayne said...

Very nice Rachel! You two are very lucky to have found each other. You are wonderful people.