Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monopoly, valentines and the park....

It seems I can't find time to post well thought out posts anymore.  So instead it's just a bunch of random thoughts and pictures.  Hopefully my children will still enjoy that someday (that is why I take the time to do this).
Tyler taught the kids to play Monopoly.  Since then they have been asking to play polopoly at least once a day (we don't play that often though).
 Titus enjoys putting on clothes and taking clothes off.  I think it's cute when he gets into Adele's closet.  Sometimes she even helps dress him up.
 Garret's shoes are always filthy and he wears through them so fast.  It's his new found love of kickball.  It drives me crazy...maybe I should take lessons though, if I were wearing my shoes out like he does perhaps I would also have the body fat ratio he does.
 Valentines day was fun.  Spencer made lollipop flowers for the kids in his class.  I was worried they would get smashed on the way to school so I "planted" them in a box for him to take.  Garret made valentines using airheads.  Garret and Spencer had so much fun at their school parties.  We had fun at home too.  we had a "pink" dinner and told each other who we had for Secret Cupid (which was a big hit this year), then we told the kids we were going to watch a "love" movie for Valentines.  They groaned and complained.  We watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  They loved it.  We even watched the "dance off" scene twice.  Since then they have been attempting some rather daring dance moves.  It was a nice day spent with the people I love most.
 We spent last night and this morning getting papers and bags of dental supplies ready for our upcoming Give Kids A Smile day (more on that later).  We needed a break so we went to the park.  It had recently rained but the rain stopped and we decided to go for it. 

The kids were so happy getting out and playing.  Adele made friends with slugs (we told her to look and not touch- after we saw her picking them up).  We played basketball, jumped rope, kicked balls.  By the end they were so muddy.

 That I told them to go find all the puddles they could and not worry about the wet and the mud. 
 Needless to say I brought home some very dirty kids.
 Pretty much they were wet from head to toe.

 But they were happy!
After stripping them down (in the garage) and a nice long bath they were squeaky clean again.
***If you noticed Garret's very bruised and lumpy head, that is a result of a wooden boat thrown by Adele at him.  She nailed him, and at first it wasn't soooo bad.  It's pretty bad right now. 

****Post card update- Spencer is up to 63 postcards.  He loves waiting for the mail, he has been organizing them and pretty much feels like the most popular kid in the world right now! 

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