Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Someday when this little man is grown I will pull out this picture and a whole lot of other ones and I will sit him down and tell him how utterly cute and exhausting he is.  I have had kids climb before but I think he gets the prize.  He can climb onto the counter and stove (it's scares me).  He climbs on bunk bed, he climbs everywhere.  All day long I have to watch him like a hawk.  Then if I turn around for a second he gets into trouble.  Like today I turned around and when I looked over he was on the counter eating Spencer and Adele's lunches while sitting on the stove (which was not on).
Someday he will outgrow it and be a good little helper in the kitchen like his siblings. Until then I guess I'll just keep pulling him off and saying "No, No".  Unless anyone has any other brilliant ideas...

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