Monday, February 11, 2013

Puzzles, Experiements and More!

- Adele caught the puzzle bug.  It seems that all my kids have gone through phases where they LOVE puzzles.  She is in it right now.  I have always just had her do little puzzles.  I let her try a 100 piece and she did it (it took a long time, but she did it) and since then she has been doing puzzle after puzzle.

- I have washed my hands of Downton Abbey.  I think it went down hill big time season three.  There were moments where I was taken in with it all....but I think I am done and honestly I don't think I will ever watch it again.  I know it's not done running on PBS so I won't rant too much and give anything away.

 -Spencer brought treats to his class for his "half birthday" (I got the date wrong but he didn't care).  They sang and thanked him for the treats.  He loved showing of his baby and his sister. 
 -My kids had two half days last week.  They asked me to be their teacher.  So we did some science projects (in addition to other things).  We did the penny/vinegar one first. They thought it was great.  Then we started the egg/vinegar one.  Everyday they observe.  It's been a big hit.  Ever since then I have been finding cups with strange things in them.  One day I asked Adele why there were goldfish in her water.  She said "that is my experiment...DON'T you touch it for seven years, I want to see what happens".

 -Garret and Spencer are really into footballs and Frisbees lately.  Tyler was playing with them one day and somehow Spencer ended up with a Frisbee to the face.  He wanted to keep playing so they just stopped the bleeding and sent him on his way.  But I thought it was too funny looking not to snap a picture.
 -I wanted a new Ad for February.  I quickly snapped some pics of Adele.  Next time I'll plan ahead and do her hair and wash her face.  She is such a goofy girl.

-Speaking of Adele.  Her teacher at church told me that she insists she can teach the lesson and so she has the teacher be the helper.  Someday maybe she will have a teacher that doesn't bend to her cuteness.  Oh how she loves her teacher and her teacher loves her!
-It's near valentines day so as usual we have started our Secret Cupid game.  This year the older kids are a little sneakier than last year.  Adele is not.  She has me and she will come and say "Mom can I sneak another present on your bed", then she will have her hands full and want me to open the door.  Then she thinks I am genuinely surprised by what is magically there!  We are all having a great time with it again this year.
-Spencer has already started receiving postcards.  Thank You and keep them coming! (if you are wondering what in the world I am talking about see the last post and you will know).

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