Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spencer lost a tooth

A few days ago Spencer realized he had a loose tooth.  I was shocked of course.  Despite my attempts at reasoning "babies don't loose teeth so you can't be loosing a tooth".  He continued to wiggle and it continued to loosen up. Today he asked if  I would floss around it.  One gentle tug later it was out.  It's official....little Spencer has lost a tooth.  It is only a matter of time before he joins Garret in the awkward teeth stage (half big/half little).
He was thrilled of course and despite my "keep them little syndrome" I was thrilled too.  I love watching them go through new things. I loved how excited he was to smile at everyone and stick his tongue through the hole.  I love how excited he was to sleep with "the elf" (a family tradition from when I was a kid).  And I really love that he whispered to me "I hope most of all the tooth fairy leaves me a postcard".

 I remember that little tooth coming in.  It hardly seems fair that he worked so hard and went through so much pain just to have it fall out!  He was not a great teether, lots of bad nights and grumpy days getting that tiny tooth in.

 Such a cute little grin. 

 When I pulled the elf out everyone gathered around.  Spencer's siblings were enjoying this big day too.  Most of it was spent admiring the empty spot left in his mouth.  Adele did attempt to pull a tooth out as well (she was a little jealous of all the attention Spencer was getting), but with a little explaining about her turn coming she was back to being thrilled. 
 Then Titus stole the elf and our house was right back to it's normal chaos.  Spencer trying to break free from Garret's hug so he can grab the elf back, tripping over Adele and everyone screaming all at once- but not at Titus because he is the baby and has somehow convinced them all that he can do no wrong.
 Eventually Spencer got it back and before long they were all sound asleep.  Spencer is in for a treat.  I snuck in and took a peek, it looks to me like he got the usual dollar (although for some reason a paper bill and not the traditional gold coin dollar, she must have run out) and a POSTCARD.  Addressed to Spencer Fordham, right bedroom, bottom bunk.  Dreams do come true!
 Happy day for Spencer!

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