Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Garret is going through the awkward "half my teeth are big and half my teeth are little...oh and some are missing" stage.  We were having fun taking pictures of all the cool smiles he can do with them right now.  This is my favorite.  It's kind of a buck tooth smile- what do you think?

Titus is taking the whole "trouble making baby" thing to a whole new level.  He can climb up the drawers and get on the counter, he opens doors and gets into things he should not (ask Steve and Becky- they were here to witness this), he pulls things out of cupboards, sneaks food, climbs on tables and too the top of the bunk bed.  As soon as I start doing something productive he runs off and gets into mischief, either that or he wants to be held.  Those are his two favorite things.  So if you ever stop by and my house is a disaster and I am pulling my hair out, now you know why. 

Adele is becoming quite the fashionista these days.  She loves to do her hair and my hair as well.  She also changes her clothes all day long.  Even when I tell her not too.  She will come out in a new outfit and have some excuse for why she needed to change.  Too warm, Too cold, Too itchy....

 Titus likes to make faces.  He really is a riot.  I love him to pieces.  (sadly he has none of his spunk right now. He is wiped out by a nasty bug....I am enjoying that he is sitting still).

We have a new pet.  His name is Walter.  We picked him up as a caterpillar on my birthday when we went to the bug museum.  A couple days ago he came out of his caccoon as a beautiful butterfly.  We have all loved watching the process.  I must admit I found myself anxiously watching him.  Nature is just so cool! 
 Titus is obsessed with Walter.  I was sure he killed him while he was in the cacoon.  He climbed the counter and I caught him with the jar.  He loves climbing up and saying "Hi Walter".  It's really funny how fascinated he is by him.  When we took him out he was shaking with joy.
 The boys finished up their basketball season today.  They both improved a lot.  I really hope they stick with it because I loved watching it.  It's a great sport. 
 Notice Spencer's red jersey.  After his apology letter he volunteered every week to play red.  I loved watching him play basketball (which is very entertaining at his age- it's kind of rough actually) and I loved watching him learn little life lessons.
 Titus made it through the basketball season by sucking on lollipops -ssshhh don't tell his dentist, sometimes I am just so desperate!
 The Reptile man visited the schools.  Tyler took the three older kids.  They LOVED it.  I just hope they know that no matter how much they loved snakes we will not be owning one as a pet.  However I am more than willing to take them to the zoo to visit them.
 And to finish off this random post.  Garret is a nail biter...big time.  It drives me crazy (even though it shouldn't because I have been known to bite my nails).  He does it all the time though.  Even during basketball.  He bites them so low too.   I offered him a prize if he stopped but it doesn't seem to be enough to break him of it.  Any ideas? 


Steve Bennett said...

Mischief maker, quite possibly the cutest one and that goes down in history as the funniest bit of mischief I ever got to witness. hehehe! Smile. Wink : ) They are all adorable!!

Jen Ranker said...

Sounds like your staying pretty busy. All your kids are so adorable. Loved all the pics.