Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank You

Spencer reached his goal.  Today he has well over 100 postcards (134 to be exact...and they just keep coming).  He loved every second of it.  Checking the mail was so much fun for him.  Each morning we would all guess how many he would get...they are still coming so we may have to keep guessing for a few days.  He also loved reading them, organizing them, counting them and reorganizing them!  

 I think I loved this project as much as he did for a few reasons.  Sometimes I am guilty of making a bigger deal out of projects Garret does because he is the first one and I'm not sure what the expectation is.  It was really fun to put so much effort in for Spencer.  I enjoyed that.  I also loved the feeling I got when I checked the mail each day.  We received postcards from people all over the country (and some from outside of the country), many from people I haven't seen in years.  It was fun hearing from each of you.  It was also very touching to me that there were so many people that would go out of the way to do something kind for a little boy.  It just made me feel good and reminded me that there are so many good and kind people out there.  At the risk of sounding was inspiring to me.
His project was a success and for that I owe all of you that sent a postcard a big thanks.  We have all enjoyed it immensely and are grateful to have such great friends. 


Marianne Thayne said...

That is a really great book you got to put them in. I bet there are some really neat ones. Great job Spencer

Rachel said...

I missed the original post! I totally would've sent him a postcard! Is it too late? What a great idea!