Thursday, February 14, 2013

When I Fell In Love With Rachel

I do not write very much on the Blog and only do on special occasions, which this is one of those.

The first time I saw Rachel I was walking into my Christian History class at BYUI. She was talking with a guy that was sitting next to her and I came and sat in front of her.

I need to preface this with a side note. After my mission and throughout my life I always knew that I wanted to be a husband and a father, first and foremost. So when I got back from my mission I prayed every night that when I met the person I should marry I would know.

So when I first met Rachel... there were no firecrackers or voices whispering to me that this was the one. After I sat down in front of her we talked and I listened to her continually reject the poor man sitting next to her. I was curious about her, but could not say at this time that I had a "crush" on her. It was about a week later and I had an extra ticket to a concert and I needed to ask someone. I got an idea in my head to ask Rachel, the girl from my Christian History class because she seemed fun. I had no grand schemes yet, which I should say I usually would have, because that was just me.

Another interjection. This "thought" of asking Rachel out was, as I look back on my life, the single greatest thought and blessing of my life. It is funny to think that a thought as simple as this can hold so many years on its shoulders. So much happiness and cheer. So much trust and a forever love.

So I went with my thought and I asked Rachel out. The date was fun, and I remember being slightly nervous because I still had that "post-mission" awkwardness about me. We went to the concert and got some yogurt and then we were driving back to our apartments. Despite my nervousness I got this idea. I would pull over and put on some good old Josh Groban (How Romantic) and we could all dance outside our cars on the sidewalk. At most schools this may be unusual, but not at BYUI. As Rachel and I started dancing. It was like I was in a movie and I could see all the life and happiness and love that we could have in just a small moment. Like many "true loves" that have come before I knew in that moment that I would marry this Rachel girl in front of me. My prayers had been answered in a way totally unexpected and I had my Forever right in front of me.

I thank my Heavenly Father each and every day for the life that I have, but most importantly I thank Him for that moment and all those that have followed where a life with Rachel has been more then I could have ever hoped for.

I love you my Forever


Marianne Thayne said...

I love your writings Tyler--even if they are few and far between. You have a very tender, pure and true way of expression and it is always gives me a boost!

Rachel said...

This is so sweet. You two are truly marvelous together.