Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calvin Reed Beck

I was blessed to have this man, Calvin Reed Beck for a grandpa.  He passed away today, but will live long in our hearts and memories.  (I'll have to find a better picture later).
Some of the things I love about my Grandpa-
He loves to tell stories.  He is most famous for his personal stories.  He lived an adventurous life and loved telling others about it.  He would tell us about his days working with horses, his Dad the barber, his pets, his relatives and my personal favorite, his days in Korea and his friend Ho Nam.  He told his stories with great detail and passion.
He could grow and amazing garden.  Not just any old garden either, his garden was full of character (just like him).  He loved to graft things and was so proud of his grafted trees, a pear on an apple or a tree that grew 10 varieties of fruit.  He grafter a potato and tomato.  He loved to garden and he loved to share what he grew.
He loved making games.  At our annual Christmas party he always had a game created for us to play.  it usually involved elaborate rules and steps, but it was one of a kind and always fun to see what he came up with.  We would often win handmade prizes.  Some of which were great conversation starters and others that were cherished pieces of art or woodworking.
He was always learning new things.  He taught himself about gardens, about styles of art.  He always had something he had discovered to tell us.
He had the craziest facial hair of any man I have ever met.  He would have long chops one month, clean shaven the next, then a goatee, followed by a full on beard. 
He worked hard.  He used to live on church recreational property and by pure man power he created cabins, trails, playgrounds and countless other additions.  He worked hard in his garden, he worked hard when he built his home, he worked hard to make us gifts.  He paid attention to detail and created beautiful things.
He was a worrier.  I don't know if he always was but he was my whole life.  He was a rough, tough man that worried about germs and safety.  Sometimes we laughed about this little quirk, but deep down it was just part of Grandpa.
He had a sense of humor.  I am thinking of his pieces of wood that he found pictures in. 
I don't remember if he complimented us much when we were little but as we got older I remember him always telling us we were beautiful and our families were so nice.  I think he enjoyed so much seeing his Grandchildren grow up happy.
He could cook great dutch-oven food.  Probably the best out there.
He was a good man.  He loved the Lord and family.  I look forward to the day that we meet again.  I look forward to hearing him tell my prosperity stories and who knows maybe he will even make up a game for us to play together. 
I love you Grandpa!


Jen Ranker said...

I only met this sweet man once, while he was very ill, he still managed to be a guest speaker and share his stories during a Korean Stake Retreat at Zion's camp. He sounds amazing. What a beautiful post. I am sorry that he is gone from your earthly presence, but I am thankful for our faith and the knowledge that we share/know that this is not the end. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Marianne Thayne said...

Very nice Rachel. I have met him a few times and when I heard he passed away, my first thoughts were how you would be missing his stories. I have heard you say many times how much you love them. Now you will just keep them alive by telling your children and on and on until you meet up again. My thoughts are with you all now.

Rachel said...

I am so sorry to hear that your grandpa passed away. It sounds like he lived a very full life. I love the casket your dad made for him!