Monday, March 18, 2013


The kids were persistent and set traps nearly every night the week leading up to St. Patricks day.  One night they had this elaborate trap, using string and they had to stay awake and pull it when the leprechaun reached for the coins they had set out.  Tyler and I went in that night about a half hour after they were in bed and they were both asleep holding onto the rope. 
 That night they woke up with nothing but diapers in their trap and their room was covered in underwear.  Spencer even had a pair on his head.  They thought it was so funny and became even more determined to catch him.

 On a different night they set out a bowl of honey covered by Lucky Charms.  Their plan was that when he went to eat the Lucky Charms he would get stuck in the honey.  It didn't work and when they woke up the room was all tied up.
 They had fun trying to figure out a way to catch him...maybe next year.  On Sunday they were all very careful to have green on at all times.  Even to church. 
 I snapped a quick one of each of them. 

It was a fun day spent together.

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Marianne Thayne said...

Love the traps! What a fun thing to do.