Sunday, March 24, 2013

Laughter....(and some other random stuff)

Titus likes apples.  The other day he walked around with it in his mouth because he wanted his apple...but wanted to play too.  It made me laugh. 
Lately my patience has been a little thin so the laughing moments have been very important.  We laughed a lot this weekend though so I think that helped and I am back on track!!!
On a totally different note (can you sense that this post is going to be very random- sorry), the kids went to see their favorite dentist last week.  I took a few pics.
Spencer was reading The Boxcar Children in the waiting room. I can not even tell you how happy I am that both he and Garret are loving reading these days.  They fly threw these chapter books, they read before bed, they read if they are bored.  I am a huge reader and firm believer that reading is so important. I just love that they are loving it!

 Adele LOVES going to the dentist.  Seriously she asks when she can go.  She loves everything about it.  So no surprise that she was cavity free (they all were) and an easy patient.
 Titus wasn't so sure about the chair.  (he is going through a phase).  At least he has a cute sad face.
 Usually when we just stop by the dental office they get to look at the toys but not pick anything out.  When they get a cleaning they get to dig through the box.  Deciding is hard though.
 Titus is right at home in other parts of the office.  He thinks he is ready to work up front with Kim.  Or as Adele refers to her "My Kim".
 There is a wall that all the office kids have been measured on for years.  We measured everyone when we first moved here and they have all grown so much.

 Once they had nice fresh teeth we took them home and let them eat the cute suckers that Karis gave them (thanks Karis).  Good thing there Dad is a dentist!
 Enough about their trip to the dentist.  Let's talk about trouble boy.  I want there to be a nice long record so I can give him a hard time when he is older.  This weeks list includes-

Sneaking into the shower with clothes on and pouring soap all over himself. 
 Climbing onto the counter, getting a knife and sticking it into the fish bowl (both Titus and fish are alright, I almost had a heart attack).

Pulling all of Adele's clothes out of the closet.

You get the point. 

Our house seemed extra whiney and chaotic this week.  Sometimes I am so good at laughing about it all and helping bring it down a notch.  This week....not so much.

So it was perfect timing for our long awaited comedy date.  I bought Tyler tickets to Brian Regan for Christmas and we went Saturday.  We met up with friends from Colorado before and shared dinner with them.  it was so fun seeing friends and just talking without any kids there. 

Then we went to our comedy adventure.  We laughed a lot.  Tyler more than me (but that is to be expected).  It was a long day but such a good one.
 Meanwhile the kids were with my parents.  They celebrated my Dad's birthday with him.  I told him to make a goofy face for my cake picture.
 The kids spent the day playing outside and then stayed up late.  They loved having a day with Grandma and Grandpa.
 It was a great weekend and I was reminded that laughing is so much better than letting things get to me.  I plan to do lots of it this coming week.

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