Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spencer goes for a ride in an ambulance

Last night was an adventurous one for went like this....

We went to bed, pretty early (lame I know).  We were startled awake by Spencer.  It felt like the middle of the night but wasn't really too late.  10:30 (yesterdays time).  He was gasping for hour and couldn't tell us what was going on or if anything hurt.  We tried getting him to take deep breaths and calm down.  He couldn't, he just continued to gasp for air.  We decided to take him to the hospital.  At this point he seemed about to pass out.  Tyler rushed him to the car.  Then he started vomiting, while gasping for hour. 

Tyler was worried about taking him in the car by himself and something happening.  We didn't have a babysitter here yet (we were not thinking clearly, if we were we would have asked the friend that has been staying in our guest house to come over- as it was we forgot all about him).  Since I couldn't leave the other kids and we didn't want Spencer in the backseat alone we called an ambulance.  They got here about the same time as the babysitter.  But they had taken over at this point. 

They gave him oxygen and got him breathing into a nebulizer and then off we went to the hospital.  The medicine was kicking in and by the time we got the hospital his breathing problem had calmed to just episodes of gasping with breaks of easier breathing in between.  At the hospital they did an x-ray and gave him another kind of medicine.  Within a couple of hours he was much better.  We came home with a significantly better (tired) boy.  He has medicine to take for the next couple of days and a nebulizer if it starts up again. 

This morning he seemed like his old self.  He had a few minor episodes in the night but not much.  He was awake telling the other kids about his adventure.  Adele said "maybe I will stop breathing sometime and get to ride in an ambulance and get stickers".   Oh how, I hope not.  There are far better ways to get stickers!

I am so glad he is feeling better, it is no fun watching one of my babies scared and hurting.  I am grateful for friends who hurried over to sit with our kids.  I am grateful that I am able to keep a fairly leveled head during emergencies.  There were things we would have done different in hindsight (things I might be kicking myself for when the bill comes).   But those things will just help us be more prepared if something else ever happens.  This morning I am just glad he is better.

Now Spencer can say that he has ridden in an ambulance (me too, since I was with him)!!!


Rachel said...

So scary!!!! When Noah was about 9 months old, he had an allergic reaction to egg and almost stopped breathing. We took him to the ER right by our house instead of driving 20 minutes to the ER that was "in network" for our insurance. When your kid can't breathe, you don't think about what your insurance wants you to do!!! Our trip to the ER cost $700. I couldn't believe it. But I am so grateful that he is okay that I don't even care about that money. I am so glad that Spencer is okay!

Jen Ranker said...

Whoa, that is scary! I am so glad that he is doing better. I am glad his outlook on the situation is that it was an adventure. I hope he has a full recovery and it doesn't happen again!

Three Lads and a Lis said...

I'm so glad he is feeling better, what a not-so-fun experience :(

Nigel rode in an ambulance once, I hope that never happens again!!!

kandis said...

So scary! We have had a few ER experiences lately too.,but no ambulance rides thankfully! Oh the joys of parenthood!