Monday, March 4, 2013

"This is the Best weekend ever"

To quote my kids "this was the best weekend ever" (it was a great weekend, however, we have lots of best weekends ever- which I think it's awesome).
We headed to good old Shelton Friday afternoon.  Kicked off our awesome weekend by me leaving the kids to movies with Grandma and Tyler while I went out with a friend.  They loved staying up watching movies, I loved having spend hours gabbing with a friend (Thanks Jamie).
Saturday everyone was up too early (I was tired).  They spent the morning playing with old fisher price toys ( the same ones I used to play with).
 We sat back and watched them play. When they are playing nicely it really is fun to just watch!  It is kind of like deja vu watching them play like Leah and I used to.
 Then we got ready and went to another friends house.  The kids all played nicely and we got in more friend time (see why it was such a great weekend, lots of friends and family).

Then back to Grandma and Grandpa's for a bonfire.  It started raining and we were not thrilled but the kids were because we just let them stay out and keep work/playing.  We were outside for hours work/playing.  We burned branches, roasted marshmallows, they played pretend in clubhouse, played with Ranger (uncle Dan's dog).

 Finally I begged them to come in and get cleaned up.  Another night spent, playing with cousin Ridge, and watching movies.  Tyler and Dan went to a movie. 

Then Sunday morning more games.
 and playing and books.
 My Mom found a hair thing that had been mine as a kid, that is made from something my Great Grandma Erchanbrach made.  She put it in Adele's hair and she loved it.  She was convinced she was now the most beautiful girl in the world (We think she always is- but don't tell her, it could go straight to her head). 

 We went to church in Olympia.  It was so fun and refreshing.  We walked in and were greeted by familiar faces and so many friends.  We only lived there a short time but the friends we made there are all kindred spirits and friends I hope to have forever.  It always makes me so happy to find that people I love so much are doing well.  There was a new baby, new babies on the way, friends who seemed so was just great.
 After church we spent a couple hours with some of the friends.  The kids were all just so happy to be together.  I keep trying to get them all to move up by us.  I think it would be SO perfect.  We could all be neighbors and our kids could grow up together and I wouldn't have to worry so much about my kids making nice friends.  And I would have friends to stay up to late talking to and we could all be there for each other (see I'm pleading my case again).
 It was lovely getting together and watching all the kids play together.
 And meeting baby Oliver was worth the drive.  Titus was so excited about him we were a little worried he might hurt the little guy.  I wish I had taped his reaction to him.  When Oliver cried he would say "no, no, no baby".  But most of the time he was just trying to touch him and grab hold of him. 
We hurried back to my parents house for more food (St. Patrick's food this time).  Dan and Heather were there!  And the most memorable moment of the weekend occurred.  (I hope I don't get in trouble for sharing this story).  We were all sitting at the table and Ridge (who is just barely 3) was outside with his dog.  We are all watching him play, commenting on how cute he was playing.  Then we start laughing because he decides to go to bathroom.  Like a good country boy he just whips his pants down.  Then it got pretty funny.  He starts chasing the dog around trying to pee on him.  We were all laughing so hard.  He had no idea we were all watching him.  He is laughing while doing it.  We didn't laugh when he came in because it's probably not a habit they want him to continue but it was hilarious this once!!!

We didn't stay long because we had to drive home.  So we made one last stop to say hi to my Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle then made our way back north.  There was a car accident so it took extra time but we eventually got our completely worn out family back home.

Exhausted and was a great weekend with family and friends. 

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Tatem Marchant said...

It was a good Sunday. Thanks for coming!!