Friday, June 28, 2013

A visit from with the girls

We have been so blessed!  over the last month or so I have had a visit from each of my siblings and their families. My sister Stephanie and her three girls were with us for the last few days.  I was a horrible picture taker ( I didn't get any pictures with sweet Estelle).  We had a wonderful time having them here.  Some of the highlights include-
Story time at the library.  We have a great story time leader.  She sings, reads and does crafts with the kids.
Baby Estelle.  My kids couldn't get enough of her.  They wanted to hold her and feed her all day long.  Before bed one night Adele said "Mom I just can't get enough of little baby Estelle."
 A trip to the dental office.  The girls cried just thinking about it.  But between Tyler and the great staff at the office they got the girls into the chair and their mouths open.

 Even Stephanie took a turn.
 Lots of movie watching.  My kids think an extra show is a big treat.


Water fun.

A night away from kids for Steph and I.  We saw a movie together and didn't love it but loved hanging out.

Ice cream and tons of fatty food.

We love getting to see each other and watching the kids together.  Garret and Sienna were buds.  He gave her piggy back rides and sat by her on the couch.  He even got peed on and didn't mind.  Adele was convinced that Natalia was her best friend!  Titus and Sienna couldn't decide if they were friends or enemies- we got a good laugh watching them together.  Adele cried as they drove off.  Sad to see her in tears but happy that she loves them so much. 

Thanks for the visit Steph.

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