Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spencer's birthday

Here is how it went (but before I really get started let me warn you there is one gross picture- sorry- but in this house of boys this was such a highlight from the day I couldn't post without it) without further adieu-
Spencer saw his cake and said "you made me a white cake", then he looked closer and said "ITS AN ART CAKE". He loves art so we thought we would make him a blank canvas.  He loved it.

 He was very happy with the outcome.  If you can't tell what it is.  It is a turtle in the ocean.
 We ate breakfast of Biscuits and Gravy.  Then opened presents.
 After that we headed to Sequim where he picked out his gift (Lego's).  Then we set out on the days big adventure.  We decided we would hike all the way to the Dungenesse light house. 
 At the trail head everyone that saw us said there was no way we could do it.  It's 5 and 1/2 miles each way on rocks and sand (which makes a difference). 
 It didn't take long before we were feeling it.  But we found lots of interesting things along the way like a baby whale that was washed up.  It was a day or two old and not in very good shape but the kids found it absolutely fascinating and spent at least a couple miles talking about it.  We also saw a dead seal, lots of seagulls, interesting driftwood and lots of "big" waves.
 As we continued on I was worried Spencer might be thinking we were crazy and this was the worst birthday ever.  He never complained though.  He did say "this is the birthday that I walked the most".

 We made it.  It was a great feeling getting there.  We all plopped down and just sat for a while.  then we toured the lighthouse.  They let us go up to the top.  Which was actually kind of scary.  I went with the three older kids.  We opted against taking Titus up.  It was hard getting them up the steep steps.  But we made it up there too.

 Looking at the view we could really see how far we had come.  The Spit is quite amazing and I found the history fascinating.  I wished we had more time to read all the info they had on it.  Also people can volunteer to stay out there for a week as long as they will guide the tours.  How cool is that?!
 The way back was longer.  I know logically that doesn't make sense but my legs were telling me it was longer.
 The tide was coming in so we had to walk on rockier shores.  The stroller was harder to push, the kids and our legs were worn out but we persevered.  Tyler and I were constantly carrying or pushing someone.  Some parts it was nearly impossible to push the stroller with kids in it so we would have to carry them.  At one point we were really worried about how we were going to make it.  But we were having a good time.  We made up songs to keep the kids going, gave them math problems to do in the heads, played games with them.  They did awesome.  They just kept going.
 In the end we walked 11 miles through the rocks and sand, around driftwood, in the heat.  Our feet hurt, our legs hurt, our back hurt.  We did it though.  We made it back.  Two hours going there, about an hour there and 3 hours back.  In the car I overheard Spencer say "Walking to the lighthouse was worth it".  I thought so too!  (Hopefully we still say that when we try to get out of bed tomorrow!)
 We hit up Black Bear Diner on the way home.  We all ate tons.  Spencer got birthday ice cream that he lovingly shared with everyone.

 We made it home at bed time.  Ate cake and ice-cream, got in a few more birthday spankings and birthday hugs and sent everyone to bed. 
It was a great day.  Spencer told everyone we saw that it was his birthday.  He had a smile on all day.  He says being six is great.  I am glad he enjoyed his special day. 


Marianne Thayne said...

My goodness what a walk! I walked in sand going to Lake Havasupai and it was torturous I can't imagine with a stroller and the kiddos Nice job! That sure looks like a neat place.

Jen Ranker said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!!! Way to go to all of you! What a walk! It looks like you saw some pretty cool things.