Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Swimming, Fishing, Family....

The last few weeks have been a blur and I have gotten behind in blogging so here is a brief synopsis-
*We have only made it to one "beach days" this year.  We have been so busy.  The kids LOVE it and I wish we had made it to more.  I LOVE it too.  I get to talk to adults while my kids are totally occupied by the sand and water.
 *I finally took a picture with a few friends from church (some had already left).  I hope we all grow old and gray together.  We can pull this picture out and say "remember when..."
 *The second morning in the new house the kids got up super early and came down in overalls and said "we are going on an adventure". 
 *We had eggs in an incubator.  We had some serious issues with the temperature and we moved them part way through.  Despite it all we had three chicks hatch.  Hop Scotch (that should have died but lived, I give all credit to Spencer and his prayers), Zip (who came out running- Adele, Garret and I watch it hatch), and Martha (Adele named him and says even if it is a rooster we can't change it's name).
 *Garret builds rifles out of sticks and pretends to be Davy Crockett.  He has such an excellent imagination. 
 *The boys finally got to shoot their bow and arrows.  It has been so fun watching them love them.  They worked so hard for them.
 *We finished one round of swimming lessons.  They are better but still not swimmers.  I may have to do more lessons in the future.  They all enjoyed it.  Garret tries so hard and is really close to taking off.  Spencer had some serious reservations and actually threw a pretty big fit the first day.  He overcame that though and gained a lot of confidence.  Adele found a love of dunking and floating and did it over and over even when she wasn't suppose to.  Her uncautious bravery earned her another spot in level one.
 *Tyler's parents and brother came for a visit.  His Mom was here first.  She brought fun water toys.  The kids loved cooling off in the water.
 *We try to go to the drive in once a summer. We went this year and were so early.  The kids were out of control (I can't really blame them, it was a long wait, they were tired and restless from all the change).  Once the movie started they had fun and even with the craziness its a fun night for them to look forward to and remember.
 *The kids play outside everyday and are filthy dirty everyday!
 *Tyler's cousin and his family came up for dinner one night.  The kids had fun all playing together. 
 *We have a yard big enough for baseball games!  How fun is that?!

 *There was lots of fishing.  Salmon fishing two miles from our house. 
 *Titus has a strange obsession with the tractor.  He looks pretty cute and redneck up there!

 *We broke ground for a chicken coop and spent all our extra time working on it.  Thanks Alan and Trent for helping out.  It's not finished but it was so nice having help as we got it started.

 *Trent and Alan both caught some nice fish.  I think I am going to have to start sending Tyler down to fish before dinner because it was tasty. 
 *The chickens got bigger and we let them venture onto the lawn for a few minutes.  The kids would play with them all day long if I let them.  They are all determined to train them. 
We have loved all the things that have kept us busy this summer.  It's been fun seeing so much family this summer.  It's exciting to be moved.  Life is hectic, the kids are a little of kilter but it's been exciting, and they will adjust back. 

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Tatem Marchant said...

I;m so happy that you got the house. We need to come see you guys!