Friday, August 9, 2013

August Life (Part 1)

* It's starting to feel like HOME around here.  My kitchen window has a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers in it!
 * Garret and Spencer are both working on their lawn mowing skills.
 *It's been a great start of August, but that doesn't mean we haven't seen our fair share of sad faces too.  (Sometimes I think that sad faces are the cutest).
 *The chicken coop is still a work in progress.  It's fun watching it come together.  Hopefully the project is wrapped up relatively soon though because the chicks are getting big and stinky.
 *I was lucky enough to have my friend Ashlee and her two kids up for a visit.  WE had a great time reminiscing and getting acquainted with each others kids. 

 *During Ashlee's visit Spencer hit a BIG milestone.  He learned to ride his bike.  It took one day.  He did AWESOME.  I pushed him on the grass a handful of times then he tried on the road.  After a few times of me steadying him he took off and by the end of the day he could bike around the driveway without any help.  He never got discouraged he just kept trying.  I love watching them achieve things.  I am so proud of him.
 *When Tyler and I were dating we played spades and hearts with Ashlee A LOT.  We got to relive that while she was here.  Good times!
 *Garret and Tyler left on their much anticipated hiking trip.  Garret had been so excited he could hardly sleep waiting.  It was all he talked about. 

 *Not everyone was excited for them to go.  Titus asked for Daddy and his "baby" (that's what he calls Garret) a lot. 
 *While they were away we picked blueberries.  Spencer and Adele were great pickers.  They didn't complain and they had to be drug away from it.  Adele said "anyone who sees us will think there is a hard working peaceful family".  I think we better pick berries more often!
 *Titus ate his weight in berries.
 *When we were all reunited after the hike, we go the rundown of the boys fun. 
 *It was SO steep and so hard but so great. 
 *Garret loved the waterfalls, hanging out with the big boys, snake skin, throwing knifes, playing games etc.
 *He said that all the guys called him Davy Crockett.  He thought that was pretty fun.

 *They jumped in the water.  Garret was shocked by the cold and the depth of it.  But said it was fun.

 *I think that Tyler and Garret will cherish the memories from their special weekend always.

*When Garret got home he was so exhausted he burst into tears a few times.  He went to bed early and I expect an excited boy in the morning that will tell me all about it a million times over.   It was so nice of Dan to take Garret and Tyler along.  It meant a lot to them.

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