Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Dad is gone....

Tyler left for a dental convention on Wednesday morning and should be returning any minute now.  He was able to see his parents (the conference was in Denver), get CE credits and meet up with some of his friends from dental school.  I don't begrudge him going at all.
I try and cherish the time I have just me and the kids.  We did a pretty good job of looking for the fun in our time without Tyler.  I am glad that for the most part we just had fun.  It's still just so much better when we are all together. 
Here are a few pics from when he was gone.  One night I had a meeting at the house (since I couldn't leave without taking all four with me) so Garret read stories.

 Spencer has a BINGO board from school.  It's all about reading.  Everyday he can fill in a square if he does what it says.  One day it said read with a stuffed animal, other days read with a friend, or read while wearing a hat, read while drinking milk....
 My Dad came up Saturday morning and helped me out with basketball games.  Titus sat surprisingly well for him.  And did a little project with them in the afternoon.  He stayed the night and was able to watch Adele sing in the sacrament meeting for the first time.  She was so cute!  It was really fun having Dad come and the kids loved having him around to play with.
 I threw them all in the tub one night for something fun.  I put bubbles in.  Which they love.  But then they turned the jets on when I didn't realize it.  There were bubbles EVERYWHERE.  They were loving it though (as long as I was willing to get the bubbles out of their eyes every couple minutes).

 By tonight the talk was all about Daddy coming home.  They won't see him until tomorrow but they were so excited.  They made a big sign that says WE LOVE DAD.  They put letters under his pillow.  They made a treat that says WE MISSED DAD and they even made up a dance/song thing. 
 I feel so blessed that we have such a great man in our lives.  Sadly there are too many homes where no one would notice or care if the Dad was gone.  That is not the case here.  When Tyler is gone, we do alright (I consider myself quite capable), but there is a void.  Like Spencer said when I asked what he missed he said "his big belly laugh" (that's what they call Tyler's laugh when he is really laughing).  It's just not the same without him. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The 411

Here is the current low-down on the Family-

-Titus has always had a lumpy head.  I noticed it right away but just brushed it aside and didn't think much of it.  It's not really noticeable unless you are running your hand over his head.  I heard from a friend that her daughter had had a similar head-thing, and the doctor had been concerned.  So I turned to the Internet and did a little research and decided it was worth asking the doctor about.  The doctor sent pictures to a specialist for a consult.  The specialist concluded his skull had fused early, which can cause problem.  However his seemed to be minor and he didn't feel it necessary to do anything else right now. 

-A few weeks ago Garret came home with a paper saying that someone in his class at school had lice.  It was just informational.  I immediately checked all the kids.  I hate lice (we had it go through our school when I was young and it scarred me for life).  After he brought the paper home I was sure my head was infested even though I kept making Tyler check.  A couple times I woke up from dreams about lice- yuck.  Then one day I checked my email and it said my order had shipped.  I looked and I had ordered all this lice shampoo.  When I looked at when the order was made it was in the middle of the night.  All I can think is I ordered it in my sleep.  It's here now and I put it in the closet.  If we ever do catch those nasty little bugs we will be ready.  Funny thing is since it came I haven't really thought twice about lice.  Maybe just having it there scares them off!

-Spencer plays on the Blue team for basketball.  They always play the Red team.  The red team has trouble with attendance so most weeks they don't have enough players. So a couple of the blue players have to play on the red team.  They never like it but they have all taken turns doing it.  It was Spencer's turn on Saturday.  I wasn't there but from what I hear he pretty much refused.  (It's probably good I wasn't there because I'm not sure I would have reacted well).  Another kid volunteered and Spencer played blue.  Tyler and I both knew that we needed to talk to him and help him understand that the way he acted was not right.  He is pretty shy so when we told him he needed to apologize to his team he pretty much broke down emotionally because that was hard for him.  In the end he wrote his team a letter saying he was sorry, wouldn't do that again and that he would be a good team player.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is not about whether I am embarrassed as a parent or not, it's about whether he learned what he should from the situation.  I think he did this time.  Some lessons are learned the hard way, but at least they are learned.

-Adele has turned into a real story teller.  She will say things like "my sister Kelly used to live with me" or other random made up stuff.  She is so imaginative that we just get a good laugh every time we listen to her.  The only problem is she will tell this kind of stuff to people that don't know she is just pretending.  At the store the other day I had to straighten the cashier out on a few of her stories.  I asked Adele why she said what she said and she just smiled and said "I just love pretending".  Still pondering what to make of this girl!!!

-Titus is really starting to talk.  He said a nice long sentence the other day.  At the doctors while getting shots he looked up at me and said "I want my daddy" (it was said in a sad, little baby voice).  He has been saying it often since.  He also gets out of control when he hears the garage door open.  He races through the house for the door yelling "my daddy, my daddy".  I think it's safe to say he is a Daddy's boy. 

- Spencer is an artist.  Seriously this kid has an eye for it.  I'm not saying he is ready to sell his work.  I'm just saying he has a lot of potential.  He draws so well for his age and he loves it.  He will sit for hours and draw and cut things out.  He loves details.  He gives me pictures he has created almost daily.  It is such a pleasure as a parent watching them explore their talents.

- Adele loves to sing.  She just loves it.  Sometimes when it's just Adele, Titus and I home in the mornings we sing everything.  It's like watching a bad (very bad, make you laugh it's so bad) musical.  She will sing "when is lunch, mother dear" and I'll sing back.  She thinks it's so fun and silly.  Titus tries to participate which makes us all laugh.  My favorite is when I just listen to her.  She sometimes sings nonsense.  Other times she sings about how much she loves her family.  I hope she knows how much her family loves her.

-Garret has been learning some poems at school.  He hears it and likes to say it over and over in his mind.  when he gets home he recites them for us.  He also likes to tell us lots of little trivia things he learns at school.  He loves reading little non fiction books.  I love that he gets excited about learning new things.

- Titus is a total stinker...but he is also SO cute right now.  Some of my current favorites.  He loves to dance.  He dances all crazy then if we stop the music or yell freeze he freezes and will hold his position for a long time.  If we say "crash" he just randomly falls over.  He loves the mirror and will give "the baby" kisses, bonks and high fives.  He likes to play hide and seek.  When he is hiding he just goes up to a wall and stands there with his back turned.  If he is finding he loves to say "where Spencer".  He still says "I do" instead of yes.  He has pooped on the potty several times and loves sitting on it...but we are not going there yet.

-I am making little headway with my 30 by 30 but I remain optimistic.

-Adele poured three containers of Elmer's glue out the other day doing "an art project".  I am quite proud of myself for not screaming at her! I really don't think she looks for trouble.  She is just so busy living life in her independent way that it just seems to happen.  She got to do some extra chores and go to bed early.  She told me she never will pour glue out again.  (The worst part was her efforts to clean it up which spread the mess ALL over).  Love that girl!

-I confess to watching Downton Abbey.  It has been ages since I have gotten into a show, but I enjoy it.  (Just a's not G rated, in fact it's not rated, but if it were it would not be G...there you have been warned).  Just something about the era and customs intrigues me.

-The boys have two weeks left at basketball.  They are doing so well at it and we are enjoying watching.  I won't miss running them to practice and chasing Titus during it but I am enjoying it.

-That is all the excitement I can think of around here for now.  It is busy and hectic around here and we LOVE it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Decade Ago today....

Tyler and I went on our first date!  At the time I tried to get out of it, but lacking an excuse I went and I have spent the last 10 years being grateful I did. 

It's not a date we really celebrate aside from getting a little nostalgic every year on January 16th!  This year I had a secret scheme brewing to run off with him for a night.  Those plans fell through, but it's still an exciting day.  A decade since our first date. 

It was such a great first date too.  We went to a symphony, ice-cream and dancing.  I teased him relentlessly through the night (which he enjoyed).  It was a great start to our story. 

Not from our first date but from the "early" days!
Here's to 10 years since that magical first date....

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Fun

It's been nice and cold here (what am I saying, it's not anywhere near as cold as Buffalo had been...but still it feels cold). 
We have kept busy playing Lego's.
 And Ponies.  Adele loves doing there hair.  It looks crazy when she does it. Everything in me wants to snatch it from her and untangle it.  But I restrain and instead convince her to let me comb it out in between hair styles.  Lately we play ponies every morning while the boys are at school.
 She also got her first Lego set for Christmas and was very proud of the finished product.

 Tyler ordered an American Girl Doll for the "No Cavity Club" winner at work.  It arrived at our house so we took a peak at it (in the box of course).  Adele just stared and stared and kept saying "oh, she is beautiful.  I hope I can have a doll like her someday".  The catalogue comes to our house and she has been drooling over them for months, this is the closest she has ever been though.
Tyler baked pizza for Pizza night. 
 We spent our afternoon today hiking in the snow.  We went to Mt. Walker.  It's near our house.  It's just a couple of miles but you gain 2,000 feet over the course of the hike.  We made it nearly to the top, but the sun was making it's way down, Titus had lost a shoe and was done, so we called it a day.  We will for sure be going back and finishing.  We still got at least 3 or so miles in.
 The kids did a great job.  Even Adele kept walking.  She got tired and would sing "just keep hiking, hiking, hiking" She was also convinced that it was almost Christmas Time.  It must be...there was snow.  So she serenaded us with Christmas songs for much of the hike.

 Titus was a little trooper.  He did great for most of the hike.  He is definitely a heavy little guy to lug around.
 I love it when snow gets caught on the trees here.  It is so beautiful.  I also love that we live close to snow but don't actually live in it much.  It works out nicely.
 Even with Titus screaming for the last mile or so, it was a lovely afternoon spent together.

 I love these crazy kids!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Adele's Big Day

Yesterday was Adele's first day in Primary.  She has been SO excited.  She has been practicing being reverent and raising her hand.  She is the only one in her class right now and her teacher is a sweet old lady that just adores her. 
Yesterday was also Testimony meeting.  (the first Sunday of every month people have a chance to go up and talk about what they believe).  Our rule for our kids has always been if you are big enough to do it on your own and you want to you can. 
Spencer decided he wanted to.  He asked Tyler to walk up with him. So he did.  When Spencer went up he stood there, then slowly sunk down and walked back to where I was sitting.  He was embarrassed because everyone laughed when he sunk down (it was so cute), so he was crying.  But I was proud of him for going up and for wanting to.
Adele had followed him up.  She walked up to the pulpit and just started talking.  She talked about the gospel being true and loving Jesus and Heavenly Father.  At one point Tyler came over to her and she turned and said "I am not done yet" and went on some more.  It was So Cute.

 Then she went to primary.  She was perfect.  She sat quietly.  She raised her hand.  She sang along with the other kids.  She looked back at me and said "Mom I was singing as loud as I could". 
It was so fun watching my big girl shine today.  She is really growing into the most fun little girl. She always says "we are the girls, we gotta stick together".  I like that idea!
And just for fun.  Here is one of Titus's new smiles!  Love him!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Birthday Fun and Thoughts

My Mom needed dental work, so she surprised me and came on my birthday.  We went to see Les Miserables together.  We had a great time and it made my birthday day special.
Tyler had already asked if we could wait to celebrate my birthday til the weekend since he was busy on my birthday.  That was fine with me. 

Friday night we went out.  It's always fun getting away occasionally.
Then Saturday the much anticipated 29th birthday was celebrated.  Tyler had taken the kids to the bookstore and they each picked a book they would like to read with Me.  Adele picked a princess book, Spencer a book about a bat and Garret a new chapter book. There were other presents all of which were so much fun.
We went to a bug and reptile museum together.  Bugs and reptiles are not my favorite thing but having fun with my family is.  It was just a little place but the people there were really friendly and nice.  The kids had a great hands on time.

The bug museum is right by a little navy museum so we spent some time there as well.

We came home and ate cake and read books.  It was a perfect day.  The kids were all in good moods and giving me lots of hugs, making my bed, smiling, just being sweet kids.
Well, I have one year left til 30.  I can honestly say I am perfectly fine with turning 30.  But knowing it is just a year off does make me reflect and think.   I think that by the time I turn 30 there are a few things I would like to change.  Some of my goals are personal.  But there is one I want to share (mostly because I think that if I tell it out loud I'm more likely to stick to it).  I want to loose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday.  I have a year, so I plan to just eat healthier and exercise.  Nothing crazy.  I just think it's time.  I have used the baby excuse for too long and I would like to feel healthier and fit in my clothes better.  Maybe if I am feeling brave I'll update my progress. 

I love the life I have been blessed with.  I want to enjoy it to it's fullest.  It was a great birthday and hopefully it will be a great year.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Titus 18 Month Stats

Titus had his 18 month check up.  It went well.  He weighed 29.4 (87 %) and is 34.5 inches long (95%).  He is a big healthy boy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long 2012, Hello 2013

First allow me to reflect for a moment on 2012.  It did not go at all as I expected.  I recall writing that 2012 was going to be a calm year, we were wrong.  We moved, bought a practice, started new schools etc.  There was a lot of unexpected change. 
In hindsight it has all been for the best.  We miss friends and family but feel right about being here.  We are loving owning a practice.  There are challenges and stresses but they are worth it.  We finally have the practice we always wanted where we get to treat people right and our kids can stop by.  We feel very blessed by the way things have worked out.
Although 2012 was not what we expected it was a good year.  I will not be making any predictions for 2013, clearly things don't work out how I plan them, but they do work out. I have set some goals (more on that later) and I am looking forward to 2013.
We said farewell to 2012 with Dan, Heather and Ridge.  We started off with a root beer tasting.  It was pretty entertaining.  The kids really got into it.  Shouting about which were good and which were awful.  There was quite the variety.

 They were all scored and everyone had a favorite.
 We watched a movie and Heather made a balloon countdown game for the kids.  They got to pop a balloon every few minutes until the countdown (the kids countdown was early).
 The papers said things like take pictures....


 Read a book, brush teeth, was really fun.  I think the kids all enjoyed their countdown party.
Once the kids were in bed we played some more games and watched the New Year roll in.
 Our first day of 2013 was spent playing with Dan and Heather's new puppy, eating and hanging out at Fort Flagler.
 It was a beautiful first day of the year.  But cold!
 Kids don't seem to mind the cold.  At least not while they are busy having fun. 
 The views around here are really breathtaking.  I don't think I'll ever get sick of them.
 The kids will never get sick of the sand and driftwood!

 Everyone had fun with Ranger.  Dan's new puppy. 
It was a great couple days.   Hopefully that's a sign of what the New Year will be like!  Happy New Year everyone!!!