Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Someday when this little man is grown I will pull out this picture and a whole lot of other ones and I will sit him down and tell him how utterly cute and exhausting he is.  I have had kids climb before but I think he gets the prize.  He can climb onto the counter and stove (it's scares me).  He climbs on bunk bed, he climbs everywhere.  All day long I have to watch him like a hawk.  Then if I turn around for a second he gets into trouble.  Like today I turned around and when I looked over he was on the counter eating Spencer and Adele's lunches while sitting on the stove (which was not on).
Someday he will outgrow it and be a good little helper in the kitchen like his siblings. Until then I guess I'll just keep pulling him off and saying "No, No".  Unless anyone has any other brilliant ideas...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Helping Out

Friday the dental office put on presentations at the local elementary schools.  We were in each classroom for about 20 minutes.  We also handed out about 900 bags of dental supplies.  Adele and Titus were with us all day, Spencer joined for the second half of the day.  Adele tagged up with some of the staff from the office, or as she calls them "her friends"!  And stuck by them most of the day.  By the end of the day she had the presentation pretty much down.  when we came home we listened as she stood in front of the mirror and showed herself how to brush and floss.  We heard her say things like "be sure to make small circles" followed by "no that is not a circle, try again".  It was pretty funny!
It was a long day...but a good day!
 Saturday morning Tyler, Garret and Spencer went to Fort Townsend and helped with an eagle project.  I am glad that they are excited to work and help out.  They said they also played and had fun- which I think is perfect.  I hope they will always know how to play when it's time to play and work when it's time to work.

 It's been a busy couple days.  Not to mention we have had a minor bug going through our house.  There was also a dance we went to...but I'm waiting on next time!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank You

Spencer reached his goal.  Today he has well over 100 postcards (134 to be exact...and they just keep coming).  He loved every second of it.  Checking the mail was so much fun for him.  Each morning we would all guess how many he would get...they are still coming so we may have to keep guessing for a few days.  He also loved reading them, organizing them, counting them and reorganizing them!  

 I think I loved this project as much as he did for a few reasons.  Sometimes I am guilty of making a bigger deal out of projects Garret does because he is the first one and I'm not sure what the expectation is.  It was really fun to put so much effort in for Spencer.  I enjoyed that.  I also loved the feeling I got when I checked the mail each day.  We received postcards from people all over the country (and some from outside of the country), many from people I haven't seen in years.  It was fun hearing from each of you.  It was also very touching to me that there were so many people that would go out of the way to do something kind for a little boy.  It just made me feel good and reminded me that there are so many good and kind people out there.  At the risk of sounding was inspiring to me.
His project was a success and for that I owe all of you that sent a postcard a big thanks.  We have all enjoyed it immensely and are grateful to have such great friends. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spencer lost a tooth

A few days ago Spencer realized he had a loose tooth.  I was shocked of course.  Despite my attempts at reasoning "babies don't loose teeth so you can't be loosing a tooth".  He continued to wiggle and it continued to loosen up. Today he asked if  I would floss around it.  One gentle tug later it was out.  It's official....little Spencer has lost a tooth.  It is only a matter of time before he joins Garret in the awkward teeth stage (half big/half little).
He was thrilled of course and despite my "keep them little syndrome" I was thrilled too.  I love watching them go through new things. I loved how excited he was to smile at everyone and stick his tongue through the hole.  I love how excited he was to sleep with "the elf" (a family tradition from when I was a kid).  And I really love that he whispered to me "I hope most of all the tooth fairy leaves me a postcard".

 I remember that little tooth coming in.  It hardly seems fair that he worked so hard and went through so much pain just to have it fall out!  He was not a great teether, lots of bad nights and grumpy days getting that tiny tooth in.

 Such a cute little grin. 

 When I pulled the elf out everyone gathered around.  Spencer's siblings were enjoying this big day too.  Most of it was spent admiring the empty spot left in his mouth.  Adele did attempt to pull a tooth out as well (she was a little jealous of all the attention Spencer was getting), but with a little explaining about her turn coming she was back to being thrilled. 
 Then Titus stole the elf and our house was right back to it's normal chaos.  Spencer trying to break free from Garret's hug so he can grab the elf back, tripping over Adele and everyone screaming all at once- but not at Titus because he is the baby and has somehow convinced them all that he can do no wrong.
 Eventually Spencer got it back and before long they were all sound asleep.  Spencer is in for a treat.  I snuck in and took a peek, it looks to me like he got the usual dollar (although for some reason a paper bill and not the traditional gold coin dollar, she must have run out) and a POSTCARD.  Addressed to Spencer Fordham, right bedroom, bottom bunk.  Dreams do come true!
 Happy day for Spencer!

Presidents Day

The kids had no school for Presidents day.  I was feeling bad I had nothing fun for them to do....when out of the blue I got a call from a dear friend and her family that they were headed our way.
They have two little boys and a baby girl.  We went exploring at the bunkers!  Their boys loved the Bunkers too!
 It was so fun watching the kids play together.  We haven't spent as much time with friends since moving here so it was great for them to have fun playing with other kids.
 Aren't they such a cute family!

It was a great surprise and a great day.  Thanks for coming!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monopoly, valentines and the park....

It seems I can't find time to post well thought out posts anymore.  So instead it's just a bunch of random thoughts and pictures.  Hopefully my children will still enjoy that someday (that is why I take the time to do this).
Tyler taught the kids to play Monopoly.  Since then they have been asking to play polopoly at least once a day (we don't play that often though).
 Titus enjoys putting on clothes and taking clothes off.  I think it's cute when he gets into Adele's closet.  Sometimes she even helps dress him up.
 Garret's shoes are always filthy and he wears through them so fast.  It's his new found love of kickball.  It drives me crazy...maybe I should take lessons though, if I were wearing my shoes out like he does perhaps I would also have the body fat ratio he does.
 Valentines day was fun.  Spencer made lollipop flowers for the kids in his class.  I was worried they would get smashed on the way to school so I "planted" them in a box for him to take.  Garret made valentines using airheads.  Garret and Spencer had so much fun at their school parties.  We had fun at home too.  we had a "pink" dinner and told each other who we had for Secret Cupid (which was a big hit this year), then we told the kids we were going to watch a "love" movie for Valentines.  They groaned and complained.  We watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  They loved it.  We even watched the "dance off" scene twice.  Since then they have been attempting some rather daring dance moves.  It was a nice day spent with the people I love most.
 We spent last night and this morning getting papers and bags of dental supplies ready for our upcoming Give Kids A Smile day (more on that later).  We needed a break so we went to the park.  It had recently rained but the rain stopped and we decided to go for it. 

The kids were so happy getting out and playing.  Adele made friends with slugs (we told her to look and not touch- after we saw her picking them up).  We played basketball, jumped rope, kicked balls.  By the end they were so muddy.

 That I told them to go find all the puddles they could and not worry about the wet and the mud. 
 Needless to say I brought home some very dirty kids.
 Pretty much they were wet from head to toe.

 But they were happy!
After stripping them down (in the garage) and a nice long bath they were squeaky clean again.
***If you noticed Garret's very bruised and lumpy head, that is a result of a wooden boat thrown by Adele at him.  She nailed him, and at first it wasn't soooo bad.  It's pretty bad right now. 

****Post card update- Spencer is up to 63 postcards.  He loves waiting for the mail, he has been organizing them and pretty much feels like the most popular kid in the world right now! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

When I Fell In Love With Rachel

I do not write very much on the Blog and only do on special occasions, which this is one of those.

The first time I saw Rachel I was walking into my Christian History class at BYUI. She was talking with a guy that was sitting next to her and I came and sat in front of her.

I need to preface this with a side note. After my mission and throughout my life I always knew that I wanted to be a husband and a father, first and foremost. So when I got back from my mission I prayed every night that when I met the person I should marry I would know.

So when I first met Rachel... there were no firecrackers or voices whispering to me that this was the one. After I sat down in front of her we talked and I listened to her continually reject the poor man sitting next to her. I was curious about her, but could not say at this time that I had a "crush" on her. It was about a week later and I had an extra ticket to a concert and I needed to ask someone. I got an idea in my head to ask Rachel, the girl from my Christian History class because she seemed fun. I had no grand schemes yet, which I should say I usually would have, because that was just me.

Another interjection. This "thought" of asking Rachel out was, as I look back on my life, the single greatest thought and blessing of my life. It is funny to think that a thought as simple as this can hold so many years on its shoulders. So much happiness and cheer. So much trust and a forever love.

So I went with my thought and I asked Rachel out. The date was fun, and I remember being slightly nervous because I still had that "post-mission" awkwardness about me. We went to the concert and got some yogurt and then we were driving back to our apartments. Despite my nervousness I got this idea. I would pull over and put on some good old Josh Groban (How Romantic) and we could all dance outside our cars on the sidewalk. At most schools this may be unusual, but not at BYUI. As Rachel and I started dancing. It was like I was in a movie and I could see all the life and happiness and love that we could have in just a small moment. Like many "true loves" that have come before I knew in that moment that I would marry this Rachel girl in front of me. My prayers had been answered in a way totally unexpected and I had my Forever right in front of me.

I thank my Heavenly Father each and every day for the life that I have, but most importantly I thank Him for that moment and all those that have followed where a life with Rachel has been more then I could have ever hoped for.

I love you my Forever

I LOVE Tyler...

In lieu of the typical list of things I love about Tyler or a mushy love letter (all things I think are great by the way), I want to record one of the moments I first knew I was falling in love with Tyler.

We had been dating for a couple months (he was already madly in love by the way, ask him- he won't deny it), we decided to go to Utah to visit Salt Lake and see some of our Grandparent's down there.  We had a lovely weekend.  We went to Temple Square, went horse back riding, mini golfing and saw our Grandparents.  We stayed with my Grandpa and he was hilarious.  We stayed in different rooms (of course) but he kept trying to embarrass us (for example he showed us the shower and then said - but you have to shower one at a time, it was really strange and awkward and we love laughing about it).  I'm getting off subject...

So we had this great, fun weekend together.  One of our last stops before we drove back up to Rexburg was at Tyler's Grandma's house.  She wasn't there when we got there and so we sat on her porch and waited.  While we sat there Tyler was humming/singing a song under his breath.  I finally asked what song it was and it was one he wrote for me.  He braved up and sang it to me (he was nervous).  I loved it.  Tyler's Grandma got back and we visited.  At some point I mentioned how my Grandma had died.  I went on to talk about how much I loved her.  Tyler and his Grandma disappeared downstairs for a few minutes (she liked to send us back with a box of canned goods from her pantry).  We left.

Tyler had figured out how to get to the cemetery my Grandma was buried at.  His Grandma had given him flowers she had.  And he took me there.  We were running late and really didn't have time but he took me anyway.  Then when we got there it was so big.  But it all came back to me (I hadn't been there since the funeral years before) and I knew exactly where her grave was.  We walked up to it and I started bawling.  I don't cry in front of people easily, especially not people I am still getting to know.  But I cried.  All these emotions came that I didn't even know where there. And he was so kind.  He didn't make me feel embarrassed.  He didn't rush me away or try to get me to stop.  We just stood there together and then when the time was right he asked me all about her and he listened. 

The whole weekend (really our whole time together) had been great.  But it was that moment that I realized I was falling in love.  I realized that even though my plans were to be much older before I let myself fall for someone, maybe those plans were worth breaking, because how many guys are there out there that would be so kind and care so much?  It still took me a long time to accept all of this and to admit it to him, but I believe it was that moment that I knew Tyler was someone special. 

And now all these years later I can say he was what I saw in him then.  He truly is a kind and generous, good man.  I could not have asked for a better valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Tyler!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Puzzles, Experiements and More!

- Adele caught the puzzle bug.  It seems that all my kids have gone through phases where they LOVE puzzles.  She is in it right now.  I have always just had her do little puzzles.  I let her try a 100 piece and she did it (it took a long time, but she did it) and since then she has been doing puzzle after puzzle.

- I have washed my hands of Downton Abbey.  I think it went down hill big time season three.  There were moments where I was taken in with it all....but I think I am done and honestly I don't think I will ever watch it again.  I know it's not done running on PBS so I won't rant too much and give anything away.

 -Spencer brought treats to his class for his "half birthday" (I got the date wrong but he didn't care).  They sang and thanked him for the treats.  He loved showing of his baby and his sister. 
 -My kids had two half days last week.  They asked me to be their teacher.  So we did some science projects (in addition to other things).  We did the penny/vinegar one first. They thought it was great.  Then we started the egg/vinegar one.  Everyday they observe.  It's been a big hit.  Ever since then I have been finding cups with strange things in them.  One day I asked Adele why there were goldfish in her water.  She said "that is my experiment...DON'T you touch it for seven years, I want to see what happens".

 -Garret and Spencer are really into footballs and Frisbees lately.  Tyler was playing with them one day and somehow Spencer ended up with a Frisbee to the face.  He wanted to keep playing so they just stopped the bleeding and sent him on his way.  But I thought it was too funny looking not to snap a picture.
 -I wanted a new Ad for February.  I quickly snapped some pics of Adele.  Next time I'll plan ahead and do her hair and wash her face.  She is such a goofy girl.

-Speaking of Adele.  Her teacher at church told me that she insists she can teach the lesson and so she has the teacher be the helper.  Someday maybe she will have a teacher that doesn't bend to her cuteness.  Oh how she loves her teacher and her teacher loves her!
-It's near valentines day so as usual we have started our Secret Cupid game.  This year the older kids are a little sneakier than last year.  Adele is not.  She has me and she will come and say "Mom can I sneak another present on your bed", then she will have her hands full and want me to open the door.  Then she thinks I am genuinely surprised by what is magically there!  We are all having a great time with it again this year.
-Spencer has already started receiving postcards.  Thank You and keep them coming! (if you are wondering what in the world I am talking about see the last post and you will know).

Saturday, February 9, 2013

100 Postcards

Spencer has to make a collect 100 of something for his 100 day of school.  He decided he wants to collect 100 postcards.  He thinks it will be fun getting so much mail and putting it all together.  If you can send him a postcard that would be great.  He needs to have them before Feb. 22 so get them  in the mail soon.  If you don't know our address email me or leave a comment.  Thanks, he will really appreciate it!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Garret is going through the awkward "half my teeth are big and half my teeth are little...oh and some are missing" stage.  We were having fun taking pictures of all the cool smiles he can do with them right now.  This is my favorite.  It's kind of a buck tooth smile- what do you think?

Titus is taking the whole "trouble making baby" thing to a whole new level.  He can climb up the drawers and get on the counter, he opens doors and gets into things he should not (ask Steve and Becky- they were here to witness this), he pulls things out of cupboards, sneaks food, climbs on tables and too the top of the bunk bed.  As soon as I start doing something productive he runs off and gets into mischief, either that or he wants to be held.  Those are his two favorite things.  So if you ever stop by and my house is a disaster and I am pulling my hair out, now you know why. 

Adele is becoming quite the fashionista these days.  She loves to do her hair and my hair as well.  She also changes her clothes all day long.  Even when I tell her not too.  She will come out in a new outfit and have some excuse for why she needed to change.  Too warm, Too cold, Too itchy....

 Titus likes to make faces.  He really is a riot.  I love him to pieces.  (sadly he has none of his spunk right now. He is wiped out by a nasty bug....I am enjoying that he is sitting still).

We have a new pet.  His name is Walter.  We picked him up as a caterpillar on my birthday when we went to the bug museum.  A couple days ago he came out of his caccoon as a beautiful butterfly.  We have all loved watching the process.  I must admit I found myself anxiously watching him.  Nature is just so cool! 
 Titus is obsessed with Walter.  I was sure he killed him while he was in the cacoon.  He climbed the counter and I caught him with the jar.  He loves climbing up and saying "Hi Walter".  It's really funny how fascinated he is by him.  When we took him out he was shaking with joy.
 The boys finished up their basketball season today.  They both improved a lot.  I really hope they stick with it because I loved watching it.  It's a great sport. 
 Notice Spencer's red jersey.  After his apology letter he volunteered every week to play red.  I loved watching him play basketball (which is very entertaining at his age- it's kind of rough actually) and I loved watching him learn little life lessons.
 Titus made it through the basketball season by sucking on lollipops -ssshhh don't tell his dentist, sometimes I am just so desperate!
 The Reptile man visited the schools.  Tyler took the three older kids.  They LOVED it.  I just hope they know that no matter how much they loved snakes we will not be owning one as a pet.  However I am more than willing to take them to the zoo to visit them.
 And to finish off this random post.  Garret is a nail biter...big time.  It drives me crazy (even though it shouldn't because I have been known to bite my nails).  He does it all the time though.  Even during basketball.  He bites them so low too.   I offered him a prize if he stopped but it doesn't seem to be enough to break him of it.  Any ideas?