Monday, August 26, 2013

August - Part Two

I haven't been a very good picture taker this month.  Some of the things we have been up to- Picking Berries (Lots of Blackberries), Back to School Shopping, The Beach, Spending time with Friends  and family.  Adele also changed her name to "Princess LaVern Rose Belle" but we can still call her Adele if we want to.
We decided to take a quick weekend trip this last weekend.  Garret studied the Makah Indians in school.  We started our weekend off in Neah Bay going to Makah days.  It was a LONG road with so many corners.  We stopped at the museum first and we all enjoyed that.  There were things to read and see about the Tribe.  Then we headed for Makah days and it was a super let down.  The town was pretty rundown, the actual event was unimpressive (although we didn't see it all so maybe it got better).  We didn't stay too long.
We headed on down the 101 excited for a beautiful drive.  It was overcast and rainy though.  The views were not as breathtaking and I am sure they could be.  It was pretty though.  We ate lunch in Forks.

 Then drove on to the Hoh Rainforest.  It was fun exploring there.  Titus was asleep in the car so we left Tyler and Titus for some of the time. 
 They found a slug and since Titus has an obsession with slugs (he carries them around- it's disgusting and says "It's a Momma slug").  We snapped a picture of one for him.
 The giant trees and old stumps were impressive.  My pictures don't do it justice.

 The hanging Moss nearly touched the ground in some places.  It had this eerie feel that was very cool.
 We had trouble finding a hotel but ended up at Ocean Shores.  The hotel had a heated pool (90 degrees, even I wasn't cold).  The kids swam for hours.  I wish I had pictures of it. They are all getting so brave.  Adele would not just jump from the side she would jump backwards and jump doing the splits and jump twirling.  Garret was doing some actual swimming and Spencer felt confident in the shallow part without a life jacket.  These are all big achievements.  It was really fun.
 They crashed when we got to the room.  I love them all snuggled together.
 Since we were so close to the ocean we walked down to Saturday morning and enjoyed watching the waves and playing in the sand. 

 We even had some competitions.  There was the long jump, the standing jump, the one footed jump and a scavenger hunt.
 They all took it pretty seriously.
 I love my beach babies.  They could play at any beach for hours on end!
 Then we found a little park and played before driving on.
From there we headed to Olympia.  At this point we had trouble deciding what to do.  While we were in Olympia someone I had called about Kittens on craigslist called and to make a long story short we went to get them.  They turned out to be older than kittens and shy and flea infested.  We had driven out to get them and the owner had them ready to go and so we took them.  We were quite disappointed and not sure what to do now that we had them.  We quickly bought them flea collars and medicine and headed to my parents to see what we could do about them.  To sum it up one of them was much friendly than the other.  One of them attacked my Dad's hand and drew lots of blood it hissed and spit and continued to attack.  It is now running free in the woods at my parents house (or it has become food for the wild animals).  We felt horrible.  Had we known how this was going to go we  Never would have taken the kittens. We brought the one kitten home Sunday.  It seems to have a nice temperament but is shy.  We are trying to cure it of it's ailments and tame it.  It 's been frustrating since we had such a fun experience bringing little kittens home last time we had them.  The kids loved them and snuggled them and carried them around.  I hope this one settles down otherwise I don't know what we will do.  When we had the two the wild one was Belle Rose (named by Adele) and the orange one was Copper Pirate (named by Spencer and Garret).  Now that we just have the one it's name has been changed to Copper Rose.  Enough about the frustrating cat situation.

It was a nice weekend together even though it did not go exactly how we planned we enjoyed being together.  We were both frustrated at the end with the cat thing but we got over it and I am grateful for a family that can handle disappointment and frustration without taking it out on each other.  I am truly blessed to have a great husband and four cute babies (and one wild cat).

Friday, August 9, 2013

August Life (Part 1)

* It's starting to feel like HOME around here.  My kitchen window has a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers in it!
 * Garret and Spencer are both working on their lawn mowing skills.
 *It's been a great start of August, but that doesn't mean we haven't seen our fair share of sad faces too.  (Sometimes I think that sad faces are the cutest).
 *The chicken coop is still a work in progress.  It's fun watching it come together.  Hopefully the project is wrapped up relatively soon though because the chicks are getting big and stinky.
 *I was lucky enough to have my friend Ashlee and her two kids up for a visit.  WE had a great time reminiscing and getting acquainted with each others kids. 

 *During Ashlee's visit Spencer hit a BIG milestone.  He learned to ride his bike.  It took one day.  He did AWESOME.  I pushed him on the grass a handful of times then he tried on the road.  After a few times of me steadying him he took off and by the end of the day he could bike around the driveway without any help.  He never got discouraged he just kept trying.  I love watching them achieve things.  I am so proud of him.
 *When Tyler and I were dating we played spades and hearts with Ashlee A LOT.  We got to relive that while she was here.  Good times!
 *Garret and Tyler left on their much anticipated hiking trip.  Garret had been so excited he could hardly sleep waiting.  It was all he talked about. 

 *Not everyone was excited for them to go.  Titus asked for Daddy and his "baby" (that's what he calls Garret) a lot. 
 *While they were away we picked blueberries.  Spencer and Adele were great pickers.  They didn't complain and they had to be drug away from it.  Adele said "anyone who sees us will think there is a hard working peaceful family".  I think we better pick berries more often!
 *Titus ate his weight in berries.
 *When we were all reunited after the hike, we go the rundown of the boys fun. 
 *It was SO steep and so hard but so great. 
 *Garret loved the waterfalls, hanging out with the big boys, snake skin, throwing knifes, playing games etc.
 *He said that all the guys called him Davy Crockett.  He thought that was pretty fun.

 *They jumped in the water.  Garret was shocked by the cold and the depth of it.  But said it was fun.

 *I think that Tyler and Garret will cherish the memories from their special weekend always.

*When Garret got home he was so exhausted he burst into tears a few times.  He went to bed early and I expect an excited boy in the morning that will tell me all about it a million times over.   It was so nice of Dan to take Garret and Tyler along.  It meant a lot to them.