Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's A..... (and a few other quick updates)

Yesterday we had our big ultrasound.  I love ultrasounds!

Our plan was to have the doctor put the gender into an envelope so we could have a friend make a gender cake for us.  Plans rarely work out!  We inadvertently saw the gender so we both knew (it's really Tyler's fault he thought the picture in the printer was a picture of the heart that the lady said she was going to take to get a second opinion on but it wasn't the heart picture he saw....once he knew I had to know).

We decided we still wanted to do a fun reveal for the kids so this morning we had cupcakes for breakfast (which is pretty exciting in and of itself).  I told them that one of the cupcakes had colored frosting in the middle.  If it was green it meant boy if it was pink it was girl.  Whoever found it got to stand up and announce if we would be having getting a brother or a sister.

We put a couple cupcakes in front of each kid and there were still lots left so I grabbed one.  Of course as luck would have it, I bit into the one with the frosting.  I quickly handed it to Adele and said trade me cupcakes.  She said "No, you already took a bite out of yours".  I smiled and said "but this is the special one".  She lit up....then her face fell and she burst into the saddest real tears ever and said "but it's green and I don't want a brother, I wanted a sister.  It's not fair.  There are so many boys and I wanted someone to play dolls with me and sleep in my room".  She went on and on and cried and cried.

Pretty much my fun reveal was a memorable flop!  Adele did get over it and we have all kinds of plans for the two of us girls!  She may not have a sister but I have vowed to her sad little face that I will take her on special dates, watch girl movies with her and that we would stick together!

Truthfully though we are all very excited.  We would have been either way.  I LOVE having two the same gender together- Garret and Spencer are great friends.  I am thrilled to have that again with Titus and this new baby.  I admit it feels so foreign to me that Adele will not have a sister.  I grew up with lots of sisters and we are close to this day.  But I feel very excited about our family and know that Adele was meant to be a part of it and that no matter how much she wants a sister she is the perfect girl for this male dominant family.

I also feel it is a real privilege to be raising boys in today's world.  I think there is a lack of real men out there and I plan to do everything in my power to teach my boys to be real men.  Men that work hard, provide and protect.  It's exciting.

I do feel a little broken hearted that I won't get to use my girl names.  I had three I really loved and I don't know that I have found the right boy name yet....but I am sure it will come.  It's been an exciting couple of days.

Also for the sake of this record-

The ultrasound did look like there was fluid around his heart.  We will go back in for another ultrasound and try to get a better diagnosis.  We were assured not to worry at this point that they are just being cautious.  But we are praying for a healthy baby!

I turned 30 on the 2nd.  I have actually been looking forward to it.  It was pretty uneventful!  But a milestone none the less.

I have loved having my kids home for Christmas break and am so sad to send them back Monday.  I just love having everyone home together.  It will be so quite on Monday.


kandis said...

Love this story! Congrats again!

Becky said...

Me and Lily will come over and play dolls with her anytime! Congrats on the newest little boy : ) Lily wants a sister SO BAD! she and Adele can lean on each other!!

Becky said...

and now you have to share what your girl names were. I think it is so fun naming babies. I'd like to have it as my profession!

Three Lads and a Lis said...

I am really not sure how on earth I missed this!!! But, I'm not too late :).

Congratulations, you and Tyler have the kindest boys and I know another Fordham boy will be fantastic as well.

My heart aches for Adele, but I see a lot of similarities with hers and Mary's personalities and I've often though, IF we never have another baby or IF we do and it's another boy, I couldn't think of a better fit than Mary sandwiched in all these boys. And I think Adele is the same, the perfect touch of gentle femininity combined with rough and tumble fun and toughness.

That little guy will be in our prayers that the fluid around his heart is of no concern.

Love you guys!!!

ANGELA said...

Congrats! As a mom of four boys (now)and one girl, this post is exactly how I feel! So excited for you and your family!