Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So long 2013....Welcome 2014

We were lucky enough to get to celebrate New Years with Dan, Heather and Ridge and my parents.  Dan came early and painted trim and ceilings in our basement- We love it!

We mixed in movies, food and Games to pass the time.  The first game was putting marshmallows in a cup with no hands.  The kids loved it.  We took a movie break and then Heather and Tyler came up with other games.

 There were 5 "Minute to Win it Games" set up.  The first was getting a graham cracker from your forehead to your mouth with no hands.

Next was blowing cards off a cup.  You had to blow them all off but one (totally harder than it sounds).  Adele was SO cute doing this game.  We were worried she would pass out she was blowing so hard.  She had great sound effects and was totally serious.
 Titus licked the first card, then started using his chin to move cards.
 The next game was getting a cup off of raisins with now hands.
 The final game was dipping your nose in shortening then picking up little pieces of toilet paper and transferring them to a cup.
 After the kids went the adults gave the games a try.
 Tyler ended up winning but the competition was pretty steep.

 We let the kids stay up until midnight for the first time ever.  They were pretty wound up by the end but it was fun.  They all crashed after we tucked them in.

We woke up and spent the first morning of the new year doing a few projects around the house together.  There were good moments - Tyler tried out his chain saw, Dan finished painting.  And not so exciting moments- we discovered a major home repair that needs to be done that is not too exciting and kind of stressful.

The stress was making us a little less excited about the polar dip....but we decided that the negative was not going to ruin the great day.  We headed for the water.  The island has an annual polar dip.  It is very well attended.  We met up with friends and watched them jump.
 It was awesome watching and such a fun memory.  The water was cold but everyone was glad they went for it.
Everyone jumped in their Peninsula Family Dental shirts.  It was convenient that they were so bright.  We had not trouble spotting them in the crowd.

 I didn't get a great picture of the kids jumping but they didn't hesitate they all just jumped.
 The guys jumped quickly and were back out in record time!

 We had a great time having so much company.  It was a great last day of my 20's ('s 30 for me tomorrow- but that's a topic for another post).

2013 was a busy crazy year.  The practice is still young and took up a lot of our thoughts and energy this year but we are enjoying it.  It was a year of watching our kids grow.  We bought a new house.  We found out we are having a new baby.  It was a great year.  Thank you everyone that contributed to the year we have had.  I think 2014 will be a great year too (even if it started with a little stress!)  Our lives are wonderful and we are surrounded by blessings!


Becky said...

Sorry about the house stress, but I can't wait to meet #5!! Happy New Year, Fordhams : )

Rachel said...

Just got caught up on your blog. Super fun mom!! I love all of your traditions, and I plan to steal some of them for my own family!!

Any news on baby gender??