Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's Day

We did our "Secret Cupid" again this year.  I have the kids earn "Love Bucks" a couple weeks before Valentines.  They get them for kindness and acts of love.  Then a week before they are assigned a secret person.  They get to spend their love bucks at my store.  They pick out things for their person.  They then spend a week giving gifts secretly, doing random acts of kindness for their person and showing love.  Then Valentines we have a dinner and guess who had each other.  This year was lots of fun.  The kids got a little too excited though and gave away most of their gifts on the first day.  They are still working on their sneakyness.  We did our dinner early because Tyler was gone the weekend of Valentine's day.

For Valentine's day I took the kids to my parents and we spent a day and a night there.  They had fun decorating cookies and playing at Grandma and Grandpas.  I feel very blessed to have such a great family to love.

 In other news-

Have I mentioned that Titus is potty trained.  It really was all so uneventful I didn't write much about it.  Well, he is and aside from the occasional wait to long accident he does great.  Day and night.

Titus is staying in his bed so well for naps and at night.  I really thought he would put up a fight but so far so good.

We spent most of the last month and a half doing home repairs.  It's getting a little old but that's the life of a home owner.

We think our cat might be expecting kittens (that may not seem blog worthy but trust me it is exciting news around here).

Garret is trying VERY hard to catch a coyote.  We see them and hear them often.  He dug a pit and puts "bait" (the dead mice the cat catches) on top of the pit hoping they will fall in.  He is very serious about it all and checks his pit often.

Adele sings the Frozen songs at the top of her lungs all day long.  The other kids join in often but she is the one that really belts it out.

Spencer lost another tooth.  This one fell out like it should, it wasn't knocked out!

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Your such a fun mom!